Critter Crafts

Bug House

Image Craft15 Bug House

You need paper mache or a craft box and some outdoor items like bark and pinecones to make a bug house for all the critters in your backyard.


  • paper mache or wooden craft box
  • hot glue gun
  • acrylic paint
  • natural items that bugs would like (i.e. bark, moss, pinecones, acorn caps, dried berries etc.)


  1. Collect the materials you think bugs may like to live in
  2. If you would like a roof on your bug house, cut the top of the box in half and glue together to make a roof*
  3. If your box is in an area where it could get wet, paint the box with acrylic paint and let dry
  4. Arrange the materials in the box however you would like and hot glue them in place
  5. Set your box outside for a season and see how many inhabitants you have living in your Bug House!

*Adults should help young children with these steps