"Will They Eat It?"

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Six-Part Video Series: You Won't Believe Your Eyes!

100,000 Termites Ate What?!

Termites are known for their wood-based eating habits, but what happens when they encounter everyday items like a dictionary, shoe, or even a hamburger? We placed household objects including these and others into a tank of 100,000 hungry termites to find out..."Will They Eat It?"

Join Dr. Michael Bentley in this six-part episode series to watch the drama unfold and see what these hungry insects are capable of chewing through. For more information, visit WillTheyEatIt.PestWorld.org.

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Episode 1: Fast Food

Will termites have the same craving for fast food as humans do? Watch as we introduce 100,000 termites into the tank!

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Episode 2: Dictionary

Will termites be able to chew through the alphabet A to Z? Watch as 100,000 termites swarm a dictionary.

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Episode 3: Money

Termites can take a big bite out of your wallet in more ways than one. Watch as 100,000 termites feast on cellulose-rich paper bills.

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Episode 4: Shoe

Watch as 100,000 termites devour a canvas shoe, racing through the sneaker. If you suspect or spot a termite infestation in your home, run for help!

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Episode 5: Headphones

Termites can cause damage out-of-sight and out-of-earshot. Watch as they chew through a pair of headphones with speed and ease.

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Episode 6: Towels

The phrase “you are what you eat" really rings true for termites. After chewing through dyed cotton towels, they absorbed the dye color, turning blue and red!

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