Downloadable Activities

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Educational and fun, the whole family will enjoy these downloadable activities! Check out our collection of materials including Buggy Bingo, word searches, flash cards and more. Just download and print, then dive into the exciting world of bugs and insects!

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Word Search

Download our buggy word search and see if you can find all of the hidden pest terms! You can also check out our full pest glossary to learn what each word means.

Download Here
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Buggy Bingo

Looking for a fun family activity? Try your luck at Buggy Bingo! 

Download Here
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Matching Games

Test your pest knowledge with our fun and education matching games. Download and print the materials, then draw a line to connect each pest to the correct image or fun fact.

Download Here
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Word Scramble

Try out our buggy word scramble! Unscramble each set of letters to spell out a pest name or term. Once you're done, check out our collection of interesting and fun Pest Guides to learn more about these creatures.

Download Here
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Help the ant get to his nest! Download and print our ant maze to see if you can figure out how to get the ant back home.

Download Here
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Coloring Page

Bugs and insects come in all sorts of colors. Download and print our coloring page to give these ants some color!

Download Here
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Pest Quiz

Think you know pests? Try out our pest quiz to test your knowledge! Afterwards, check out our full Pest Glossary to learn more about these creatures.

Download Here
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Flash Cards

Flash cards are a fun and effective way to learn new information. Download our set of buggy flash cards to learn about the amazing world of bugs and insects.

Download Here
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True or False Quiz

How much do you know about flying pests such as mosquitoes and wasps? Test your knowledge by taking our true or false quiz!

Download Here
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Connect the Dots

Grab a crayon or pencil and have fun connecting the dots to create new coloring pages!

Download Here
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Build a Scorpion

Did you know that scorpions are cousins of ticks and spiders? Try out our new downloadable activity to learn more about this interesting insect.

Download Here
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Pin the Legs on the Spider

Have you ever played "Pin the Tail on the Donkey"? Check out this buggy and fun version of the classic party game!

Download Here