Buggy Break

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Take a "Buggy Break" with educational and entertaining activities for your kids’ daily at-home schedule! These unique and easy-to-use resources can help make learning fun.

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Pest Quest Episodes

Learn about the fascinating world of insects, rodents and small wildlife in exciting episodes with our favorite junior scientists. Click HERE to see our collection of over 40 episodes and check out one of our favorites below:

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Critter Crafts

Follow along with our easy step-by-step craft videos to create everything from creepy crawlers to beautiful butterflies. With household supplies and a little creativity, these projects are perfect for at-home fun. Click HERE to see our full collection of projects and check out the Egg Carton Ant below:

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Pest Professor Live Chats

Join our expert entomologists each Wednesday at 2pm ET for live taught lessons about the wonderful world of insects. Streamed via Facebook Live Chat from the PestWorld Facebook page, these short and educational sessions are fun and interesting for kids of all ages!

Check out our collection of previous lessons here!

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Pest Tests

Test your pest knowledge with online quizzes and downloadable worksheets that can help you learn about the world of bugs and insects. Click HERE to access our online quizzes and check out the Downloadable Activities page for flash cards, matching games, word scrambles and more!

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Pest Playtime

Looking for something fun and educational that the whole family will love? Check out our collection of downloadable activities including Buggy Bingo, coloring pages, and even "Pin the Legs on the Spider"! These free and easy materials are perfect for at-home family fun.

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