Critter Crafts

Crawling Caterpillars

Crawling Caterpillar - Critter Crafts: Insect Craft Activities for Elementary Students

Make your very own caterpillar come alive with this Crawling Caterpillar craft. All you need is a few paper plates and a great imagination before your caterpillar will be crawling all over your house.


  • construction paper
  • crayons or markers
  • paper plates
  • yarn or pipe cleaners


  1. On the backs of paper plates, draw and color your own caterpillar
  2. With glue, attach your plates to each other so the caterpillar looks like it’s crawling
  3. Glue pre-cut yarn to the plates for tufts, antennae, and feet
  4. Let the caterpillar air-dry

*Adults should supervise children with this craft