Critter Crafts

Edible Spiders

Edible Spiders - Critter Crafts: Insect Craft Activities for Elementary Students

With peanut butter crackers, M&M'S® and licorice, you can make a spider that looks good enough to eat.


  • round crackers
  • peanut butter
  • mini M&Ms
  • pull ‘n’ peel Twizzlers
  • popsicle stick


  1. Give each child 2 crackers, peanut butter, 2 M&M's, and a piece of licorice (cut into 1-inch piece)
  2. Have child spread peanut butter on one cracker with popsicle stick 
  3. Pull apart licorice and place eight "legs" on the cracker
  4. Place other cracker on top
  5. Dab two spots of peanut butter on cracker top and stick on m&m's for eyes