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Pine Cone Squirrel

Pine Cone Squirrel - Critter Crafts: Bug Crafts for Kids

Find a pine cone in your backyard and make a Pine Cone Squirrel with pipe cleaners and pom-poms. You can even make a nut from a wooden bead for your squirrel to hold.


  • pine cone
  • 1-inch pom-pom and 5mm pom-pom
  • bumpy pipe cleaner and regular pipe cleaner
  • wooden bead
  • glue (craft glue, hot glue gun, or glue stick would all work)
  • scissors or wire cutters


  1. Glue the 1-inch pom-pom on the pointy end of the pine cone
  2. Use the glue to attach wiggle eyes and the 5mm pom-pom (nose) onto the head (1-inch pom-pom)
  3. Cut two pieces of 1-inch pipe cleaner and fold them in half to form a ‘V’ shape
  4. Glue each inverted ‘V’ onto the top of the squirrel’s head for ears
  5. For the tail, cut off 2 bumps from the bumpy pipe cleaners and fold them in half and twist them together
  6. Glue the twisted end of the bumps to the back of the pine cone (bend the top of the tail down to give it shape)
  7. For the squirrels feet, cut two pieces of 2-inch pipe cleaner and fold each piece in half and glue to the bottom, front of pine cone
  8. For the squirrel’s arms, cut two more pieces of 2-inch long pipe cleaner and glue one to each side of the pine cone body
  9. Glue a small piece of pipe cleaner on top of a wooden bead and glue to squirrel’s hands to look like an acorn