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Spider Wreath

Image Craft16 Spiderwreath

With household art supplies like cardboard and a small piece of wool, you can make a wreath with a spider hanging from it to place on your door.


  • ring of cardboard
  • black construction paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • small piece of yarn


  1. Trace a large plate on the cardboard
  2. Trace a small plate in the center of the circle you just traced on the cardboard
  3. Cut a small strip of cardboard and glue it onto the back of the cardboard over any folds. This will help reinforce the cardboard.*
  4. Cut strips of construction paper (about 1 ½ inches by 4 inches) *
  5. Glue the strips into rolls (like making a paper chain)
  6. Glue the rolls onto the cardboard wreath
  7. Fold a piece of construction paper in half and draw half of a spider (folding the paper will make the spider symmetrical). Use a white crayon to draw the spider’s face.
  8. Cut a small piece of yarn and tape one side to the spider and one side to the wreath so the spider hangs in the center of the wreath*

*Adults should help young children with these steps