Repelling Ants Science Project


There are many types of ants and many ways for them to infest your home. For this ant science project, you will follow the scientific method to test how effective one or more natural repellents are at repelling ants. While natural repellents may have a limited effect on minor ant infestations, it is recommended that you contact a pest management professional when dealing with a consistent ant problem.

Difficulty: This ant experiment for kids is rated as Easy to Moderate difficulty and is suggested for Third Grade (with adult supervision) to Eighth Grade.

Time Required: Four days to two weeks, depending on the questions you ask

Cost: Minimal - most materials are readily found in many home kitchens

Safety: Some of the repellents present minor hazards. An adult should handle repellents and other materials.

Time of Year: When ants are active; most likely in the spring or late summer months

Material Availability: Most materials are readily found in home kitchens. Depending on the repellent you’re investigating, a trip to a hardware or garden store may be needed.

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