Do Mice and Rats Hibernate in the Winter?

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When snow is falling and cold temperatures are keeping you cozy inside, nothing is better than being cuddled up with a blanket and some hot cocoa! Sometimes it’s also nice to take a nap to escape the yucky weather.

For some animals, such as bears and skunks, winter is the time of year when they turn down the energy in their bodies to survive the harsh impact of the colder seasons during what is called hibernation. But what about rodents?

Do Rats or Mice Hibernate in Winter?

No, rats and mice do not hibernate in the winter. In fact, mice and rats are still very active in the winter.

So, How Do Mice Survive the Winter?

Unfortunately, this means that mice survive the winter by entering homes.  In fact, every winter, rodents can sneak their way into more than 21 million homes in the United States! Because commensal rodents that enter structures do not hibernate, this means they will still be looking for food and shelter away from the cold outdoors, and your home could be where they end up!

Some of the common signs of a rodent problem include oily, grease marks on the floor or bottom of walls where the rodent has dragged its tail and body, droppings and gnaw marks on items throughout the home and even scratching and scurrying noises in the walls or ceilings, especially at night. Seeing a rodent is also a warning sign, as there are usually a few more hiding throughout the home!

If you see a small mouse or a big, hairy rat, be sure to tell your parents or other grown up immediately so they can call in an expert known as a pest control professional for some help.

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