How Do Fleas Survive Winter Months?

Flea Facts & Information for Kids

Fleas are teeny, tiny biting pests that jump from rodents and other mammals (including your pets!) to find a host to feed on. Fleas are gross and they can make us and our animal friends super itchy if we have an allergic reaction to their saliva. They can also spread germs and illnesses.

Many think that once snow and cold temperatures arrive along with winter, insects and pests die off, but that simply isn’t true for fleas! Keep reading to find out how fleas survive winter.

Do Fleas Survive the Winter?

The short answer is yes, many fleas do survive in the winter. Fleas need to stay warm to survive, so naturally they will seek shelter away from the cold outdoors. Can you guess where they’re going to go? Your home! Not only does your home provide a warm place to stay, but chances are you have either a pet or other people living there with you that can act as hosts for fleas. If fleas cannot make their way indoors to stay warm, they can find shelter in other places around your home where animals may hide such as in a crawlspace or under bushes and shrubs.

A common way to tell if your home has fleas is if you see them jumping around or on your pets. They are small, so they might look like fast little dots moving around close to the skin. Another clear sign of a flea infestation is reddened skin and lots of scratching and itching caused by their bites.

If you think you’ve spotted fleas in your home, be sure to let an adult know so they can vacuum the house, wash linens, clothes, stuffed animals and pet beds, bathe any animals and contact a pest control professional to help get the fleas out!