Small But Mighty Pests: How Much Weight Can an Ant Lift?

Colony of small ants

Have you ever been outside and noticed a bunch of small insects quickly crawling on the ground? Chances are they were ants, tiny social insects that live in large colonies. Even though these insects are small, they sure are strong!

Have you ever wondered how much weight ants can lift? Believe it or not, ants are able to lift 20 times their own body weight! If you’re not sure how strong that really is, check out some comparisons below. Here’s how much each being could lift if they were as strong as an ant:


If a second grader was as strong as an ant, they would be able to pick up a car!


An adult could lift 11 pianos!


A chihuahua could lift a toilet!


A gorilla could lift a boat!

Ice Cream Pint

A cat could lift 160 pints of ice cream!


A seagull could lift 8 large, cheese pizzas!


A hippo could lift 2,400 TVs!


As you can see, the answer to the question “How much weight can an ant lift” is: a lot of weight! The next time you see a bunch of small insects quickly crawling on the ground, you might think differently about them.


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