What Do Ants Eat?

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Have you ever been outside trying to enjoy a picnic when an ant comes along to steal some of your food?  

With more than 15,000 know species of ants on earth, it is amazing that there are only a few that are interested in the same types of foods that you are. Those are the ones you must keep an eye out for, as they will eat anything from deli meats to juice or fruit.  

What Kinds of Food Do Ants Eat?  

Many ant species that commonly invade our homes may prefer some types of food over others.  

For example, Argentine ants, odorous ants, and ghost ants show a preference for sweet, sugary foods. These ants will typically make their way into your pantry where items such as brown sugar, maple syrup or jams are stored, so make sure those items are sealed tight.  

Other ant species such as carpenter ants or red imported fire ants may prefer fatty or oily foods such as nuts, peanut butter and meat when available.  

When it comes to what ants eat, it is better to assume they want your food and to make sure you are storing everything properly so that they cannot eat it!