Report Writing for Students

PestWorld for Kids School Report Help: Report Writing for Students

Assignment: Become a Pest Expert

Step 3:  Take Notes

First, take notes on what you know.

When taking notes, start with the information you already know from step 2. Only write the key ideas – don’t worry if they’re not complete sentences. That comes later. Use just one note card for each idea.


As you take notes, think of why the information is important. Add this information to the “Why?” section of your notecard. For example, why are people cautious around hornets? Because they can sting several times.


All this thinking now will help you when its time to write later. You don’t need to add reasons “why” for everything you note. Aim to add the “why” information for every two to three note or when you think it’s important.

Then, take notes as you read.

Once you’ve added all that you can remember, continue to take the same types of notes as you read. 

Don’t take notes on EVERYTHING – you won’t have time. Instead, only take notes on the information that you find important or really interesting. And, again, only add the key idea. You don’t need to write notes in complete sentences.

Jot down sources.

A good researcher keeps track of her or his sources and gives credit where it’s due. Make sure you write down a few words that identify where you got the idea or information. Put this in the lower left corner of your note card.

For example, if you got the information from the hornet entry on, you might write PWFK – hornet. You’ll use this information in your bibliography at the end of your paper. 

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Step 4

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