Report Writing for Students

Help on How to Write a Research Paper for Elementary School Students

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Step 8:  Write Your Introductory Paragraph

Now, you’re ready to write the paragraph that will introduce your subject and the information you’ve collected. In some ways, this is the most difficult step.

1) It’s always best to start with a hook – a sentence that will grab your reader’s attention and introduce the subject. For example:

Of all the stinging insects, the hornet is perhaps the most feared.

Notice that the sentence doesn’t start out with “Hornets are …”. Instead, there are some words that hopefully will grab the reader’s attention.

2) Next, it’s a good idea to let your readers know what topics are covered in your project. One way to do this is to write a sentence for each topic. You can even use a slightly different version of your topic sentences. For example:

Of all the stinging insects, the European hornet is perhaps the most feared. A hornet’s sting may give people a reason to fear it, but there are many facts that make the hornet an interesting creature. A flexible eater, it has adapted to feast on a wide variety of plants and animals.

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