Fruit Fly Science Experiment for Middle Schoolers


Science Fair Project on the Life Cycle of a Fruit Fly

Fruit flies are not only pests but they are also incredibly helpful in scientific research because the reproduce so quickly. For this fruit fly experiment, you will start by observing the fruit fly life cycle. Then, you will follow the scientific method to test how temperature affects fly development during their life cycle.

Difficulty: This fruit fly science fair project is rated as Easy to Moderate difficulty and, is suggested for grades 4-8.

Time Required: Two weeks to one month, longer if you choose

Safety: Because they can carry disease and germs, some fruit flies can on rare occasions make people sick. You should always wash your hands after each observation of the flies. Fruit flies mature and reproduce quickly and in large numbers. Pay attention to this symbol as some steps should be done outdoors to avoid a fruit fly infestation in your house!

Time of Year: Try spring, summer or fall for easier collection of flies

Material Availability: Most materials are readily available in your home or grocery store. The fruit flies can be found in your yard hovering near ripening or rotten fruit, fruit that has fallen off a fruit tree onto the ground, and compost piles. You can also order fruit flies from a biological supply or exotic pet food supply companies. These are called Drosophila melanogaster. 

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